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Fiorentina Recruits Older Legends Of Romania

Inter Milan are facing a future of polemics on their captain, Mauro Icardi (23).

Conflicts arise because of the difference of perception between the agent at once wife Icardi, Wanda Nara, with fastness Inter represented the voice of Sporting DirectorPiero Ausilio.

Wanda claimed Icardi was not appreciated by Inter. According to him, the attackersdeserve a contract revision accompanied salary increases.

Hali was judged to be relevant because it happens along with the increase in market value of Icardi. Last year, the Argentina Youth estimated worth 20 million euros, buthas now increased threefold.

Said Wanda, Inter was unable to put up the price of 60 million euros to Icardi without any consideration to adjust the salaries of the players.

Fiorentina Recruits Older Legends Of Romania

Model Argentina refused the issue of financial needs become the main theme in thepolemic Icardi contract, which is still tied at Inter until 2019.

His salary is indeed minimal create the size of team captain while bomber printer 38goals in two seasons in the Italian Serie a.

Icardi just paid 3.2 million euro or equivalent Rp 46.2 billion per season. His salary was lower 300 thousand euros from midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia, who failed to meet expectations last season.

"If you only care about money, two weeks ago we received a proposal China Club which offers a salary of 25 million euros. Icardi lost the opportunity of high salary andgets to perform in the Champions League, all for the sake of Inter, "said Wanda to Calciomercato.

The issue of income that are not worth making Icardi now linked with other clubs, such as Tottenham Hotspur, Atletico Madrid, to the ardent rivals Inter on the domestic scene, Juventus.

"We agree that Icardi was unable to ask for a new contract each year. If the Club does not want to appreciate Icardi but upped the price, they risk losing him, "said Wanda again.

Fiorentina Recruits Older Legends Of Romania

Ausilio responding comment the agents generally calm. He denied a claim by revealing the Wanda Inter will still make Icardi as the backbone of the team.

"Icardi recently extended the contract last year. He's our captain and not for sale, the rest is just a rumor, "said Ausilio.

Agent Paul Pogba (23) claimed Juventus are planning update contract his clients in an effort to avoid the effort of other clubs.

Speculation intensified in the last few days said that Manchester United tries to do everything to purchased the Pogba back to Old Trafford.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid are known to also have an interest in the Pogba is believed to have pulled out because of financial reasons.

"There is a lot of discussion about the future of Paul, but he probably will not go from Juventus," said Raiola as reported by The Times.

"He did not rush to go and Juventus do not want to lose them. They want to renewhis contract. We are very pleased at beli like instagram Juventus and they are a club that wanted to retain star players, "he said.

Pogba was the player who brought Juventus from Man United in 2012 with the status of free transfers.

He could not extend his contract at Old Trafford because of experience disagreement with manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Impressive midfielder was also just France national team at the euro 2016.

Despite successfully delivering team called Les Blues qualified for the final, but failed to end the gait as the champion after defeated Portugal 1-0 at Stade de France, Sunday (10/7/2016) local time.

Fiorentina official recruiting Ianis Hagi (17) from Romania, Constanta Viitorul. Familiar with her last name? It is natural because it is a talented teenage son legend Gheorghe Hagi, Romania (51).

Fiorentina acquired Ianis Hagi three months before the players even 18 years of age.

Ianis transfer is permanent. The price is not mentioned officially but believed to be in the range of one million euros.

Fiorentina Recruits Older Legends Of Romania

If exploited properly, Ianis recruitment is a great investment for the future of Fiorentina.

Teen births, October 22, 1998it was known as the most prominent star candidates in Romania today.

He was able to play in any position on the offensive sector. Ianis proficient as a winger, light holes, or a single attacker.

The greatness of the personnel of Romania U-18 was imaged through a chance himself captain of the Viitorul while still 16 years old!

Recognition also leveled the father, Gheorge. Romania's top playmaker in the 1980sand 1990s it acknowledges great from him more in Ianis level of the same age.

"He can take off assist, make decisions quickly, and both legs are equally good. Of course he still has to be polished, "said Gheorge, ex star of Real Madrid (1990-1992) and FC Barcelona (1994-1996), told The Times.

Many who claim to be Captain Ianis mencuatnya in Viitorul cannot be separated from the Club due to nepotism a factor it was trained by her father.

Respond to such issues by the coach, Ianis on the team U-17 Romania, Zoltan Kovacs. He has not looked at the status of magic boy was dianakemaskan as the son of a great legend.