Kamis, 24 November 2016

A trio of young players Disconnect back to FC Libido

The largest and highest futsal competition in Indonesia will immediately begin. The 2003 Indonesia Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016 will be preceded in Bandung, where eight clubs PFL western area will you met the ability to reach most points for easy stride to grab the top two positions in the standings and qualify for the Final Four PFL2016.

How to map the strength and prediction of each club in the Western region? Following a sharp analysis of the Coach Doni Zola, exclusive to Pal FZ:

Bie The Great Bekasi
BTG will face two strong teams in the first series. Thus here a challenge to Raka Febianto dkk, because BTG team is stronger than last year, but this team needs a player's experience in the pro league caste. The experience last year of the punggawanyaI think it takes a real proof. If it can achieve maximum results BTG will be the dark horse in the West.

A trio of young players Disconnect back to FC Libido

BJL 2000 Cosmo Semarang
BJL 2000 merged with COSMO three weeks before the first series. Coach Kocoy lucky BJL Team material 2000 the majority of players do not need to adapt much of Cosmo, opposed to BTG and FKB inhabited young player will be determined by their experiences. Noteworthy for their current squad players and senior players potential young experience, BJL 2000 including 4 teams can go to England I wrote 2 of the West.

Futsal Bandung
FKB, coaching transition from Five to Coach Ayi arguably a surprise, I see the best players in Bandung cars bring Panca to Biangbola. And this will complicate the FKB Futsal League Pro wading through 2016. Opposed to Libido and BJL 2000 yg inhabitedcoach loaded experience is going to be a challenge for the staff coach FKB nowadays to prove it is no longer under the shadow of Panca yg so coach long enough there. My prediction of a include FKB 4 yg team may be having trouble this season.

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Mataram FC NTB
Mataram FC, actually his team already solid because it's already 2 years together. Strange from Mataram FC is recruiting several senior players who have ability thus not much different with players before. The selection of the players must be proven with quality above the field with a way of lifting the performance of Mataram FC. Opposed to Biangbola will be a difficult debut trainer Mataram FC, Fandy. The second game was pretty balanced considering Jaya Kencana also rely on young players. My prediction of Mataram FC will be hard to reach for the top 4 positions.

FC official Libido pulled back three players who had joined other clubs ahead of a Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016. Three players were Joseph M AK, Irvan, Fachrudin and Praise.

Joseph who had been running the ball A League with preparation of justifying himself, has rejoined the Club ever. He meets the call of the Libido because managementunderstand the status still bound to a contract with the Club in Bandung until June2016.

Players from Bandung did declare his ability time shows ready to defend the Libido in the League this year. "I will play a maximum of in the field later on," he said.

Joseph also confirmed that three of his colleagues, namely M Irvan, who also has joined with the Biangbola, and which has been praised by Fachrudin signed a contract with the city of Bandung, Futsal, agree to meet the calls and strengthen FC Libido this season. The arrival of a third player it complete the squad of FC Libido that majority of talented young players such as filled Gusti Dian, Nandang Rosdiana and Hendrik Mentaneway.

A trio of young players Disconnect back to FC Libido

Earlier, FC Libido had reportedly will not follow the pro League this year. The uncertainty of management regarding the participation of the Libido in the League made many players open up to other clubs. Some of his senior players such as Andrew, Andriyana and Captain Vishnu [...] has approved a contract with other clubs.

However, FC Libido has now ensured its participation in PFL 2016. Through the account sosmednya, a club under coach coach Andri Irawan announced it has merged with FC Pingdus and ready to get started to appear at PFL 2016. Even FC Libido has also announced an agenda of activities for the year 2016/2017, including plans to compete in Thailand and Europe.