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Man Utd Striker Rooney Veiled in Europe

The former Manchester United player, Russell Beardsmore, have confidence that Jose Mourinho can follow success at Old Trafford as well as Sir Alex Ferguson.

Man Utd Striker Rooney Veiled in Europe

Beardsmore present accompany the participants "Visit Britain" which was initiated by the Embassy of United Kingdom in Indonesia, Sunday (20/2/2016). To champion, former player 48 births last year was talking about Manchester United this season.

"Mourinho has started with the good start. However, then the bad period occurredwhen we were winning, "said difficulties Beardsmore refers to the results of a minor,last October.

"Last month, we lost a lot of points. Then, in the last three games, we perform better. It is important to get back to victory lane to pay points is missing. "he said again.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had difficulty winning indeed dkk. However, entering November,troops ready to live with the good start though detained Arsenal in the last game.

"It's not easy for Mourinho to coach the new team because he takes time to adapt and create the best team," said Beardsmore.

"I hope, tambah like instagram Mourinho will be able to follow in the footsteps of Ferguson and ushering in the era of the Club's success," said the player who is 56 times defended Manchester United's League game.

Beardsmore joined the Manchester United Academy in 1984. During his career, he became the only player to removable upholstery in 1993. In September 1999, he returned to Old Trafford became part of the Manchester United Foundation.

Wayne Rooney (33) officially crowned himself as Manchester United's top scorer inEuropean competition, Thursday (24/12/2016) local time.

Man Utd Striker Rooney Veiled in Europe

The captain of a club called The Red Devils managed to pass the previous record belonged to Ruud van Nistelrooy.

The written record when Rooney scored one goal against Feyenoord at Old Trafford.

In the group matches with the Europa League Man United managed to pluck away 4-0. The other three goals scored Juan Mata, Bradley Jones (own goal), and Jesse Lingard.

Goals: Rooney is the nicks to-39 in European competition as a player Man United. He passed the previous record belonged to Van Nistelrooy as much as 38 goals.

Rooney scored United's first at minute 35. He was able to conquer the Feyenoord goalkeeper Bradley Jones, with gouging the ball from close range after getting the bait breakthrough from Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

"There is a feeling of being happy when scored for this club. I am happy and many more goals I will create, "said Rooney as reported by the BBC.

Rooney could return incised record goals in the near future.

The numbered backs striker 10 this just need two goals to become the top scorer of the Manchester United throughout history.

The current record is still held the legend of Man United's Sir Bobby Charlton with 249 goals in 758 matches in all competitions. Rooney goals already in the record number of 537 248 appearances.

"He is a fantastic figure. I am glad he could break the record. However, I would help him win another record. The actual record, "said Ibrahimovic.

Coach of Leicester City, Claudio Ranieri, Jamie Vardy hope to get through a bad period golnya while entertaining Middlesbrough in the 13th week of the Premier League at the King Power Stadium, Saturday (26/11/1999).

Man Utd Striker Rooney Veiled in Europe

Vardy has not scored in 14 matches he shared much Leicester City this season. However, Ranieri said that it had started its flagship striker scored a goal in a practice session.

That is why Italy coach was hoping Vardy could bring its productivity in practice sessions to the putting green.

"Vardy has begun scoring time. This is good news because he missed doing so for some time, either time nor the time of the match, "said Ranieri.

However, Ranieri said that he did not then lose confidence against Vardy.

"He was working hard and I am happy because of it. There is nothing wrong with performance and Vardy never looks desperate, "said the Manager.

"I also find it odd she trouble scoring," said Ranieri.

Vardy scored 24 goals in 36 appearances in the Premier League season for 2015-2016. GOL-golnya contribute to bring the Premier League champions Leicester.

However, in the summer of 2016-2017, from 12 times, the attacker United Kingdomit recently scored two goals. Ranieri and supporter of Leicester deserve hope Vardycan return to find first.

Their participation in the Premier League away from the reflection of the defending champion. From 12 weeks running the Premier League, they have collected.

These results make the troops stay is two Roma and Claudio points with red zone, occupied by Hull City in the top post.