Kamis, 17 November 2016

The influence of the field and the weather in Indonesia national team Match or the Exercise

Indonesia's national soccer team will send the 23 players heading for the AFF Cup 2016 in the Philippines (Group A). But in addition to the 23-player, there are many more people behind our national team will compete starting November 19th later in the Phillipine Sports Stadium.

There are exactly 12 staff (backroom staff) Indonesia national team who will escort the 23 players, of whom later served as a head coach (Alfred Riedl), assistant coach, Managergoalkeeping coach, team doctor, physiotherapist, masseuse (masseur), admininstrasi staff, and General helpers (kit man).

The place of concentration exercise national team toward the 2016 AFF Cup is located in Karawaci, Tangerang, Banten. The field used is the field belonging to the University of Pelita Harapan (FMU), with lodging is 1.3 km, or about 17 minutes ' walk away.

"The field in 2004, nice, cute as hell," said Dr. Syari Alwi, Indonesia national team doctor, commenting on the practice field. "I just love the suggestion [question field], but decision making is on coach [head]. He (the Player) select the pitch here because it's just a great field here, "he continued.

Dr. Alwi also spoke about the case of injury to players who are mostly due to uneven playing field surface rather than because of the physical contact. This is what makes the selection practice field becomes important.

The influence of the field and the weather in Indonesia national team Match or the Exercise

Indonesia national team goalkeeping coach, Gatot Joon, also added a reserved field."Here [in 2004] was a request [Alfred] Riedl. Field managed good and professional,"said former goalkeeper Persib Bandung.

"After the game [drills], the grass field is always styled back and solidified," he continued.

Indonesia applying an exercise with 2-1-2-1, meaning that the exercise twice a day(morning and afternoon), next (morning) one time only, the next two times in a day,exercise and so on. This is done so that there is time for the players to restore and maintain their fitness level.

Indonesia national team will leave for the Philippines on Thursday, November 17, 2016. This means that they still have two more days to practice.

Exercise today (Monday, November 14, 2016) is only done once in the morning. While tomorrow will be done twice, and Wednesday (November 16, 2016) players will be ended before departing from the international airport Soekarno-Hatta Cengkareng, Banten.

Commenting on the prospective opponents in the group stage Indonesia later, Gatot commented that Thailand will be the hardest opponent later. "From Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, host and defending champion [Thailand] is definitely hard," said Gatot.

He also added if the weather factor is not too influential. Continued rain washed down in Karawaci, Philippines also fared the same as already 10 consecutive days of rain washed down. So certainly the title Cup AFF will be colored by the rain at almost every turn.