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2016-2017, Last Season Arsene Wenger?

The ultimate weekend on Sunday (15/5/2016), Manchester United will entertain AFCBournemouth in Old Trafford Stadium. As for Manchester City's visit to the headquarters of the Liberty Stadium, Swansea City.

When Man United failed to perform in the Champions League next season, Van Gaal reacted predicted job losses. Although, he is still bound by the contract to 30 June2017.

Jose Mourinho is believed to be a strong candidate for ruling in Old Trafford. Ryan Giggs, who is currently serving as Assistant to Van Gaal reacted, is another alternative.

Arsene Wenger was reluctant to insure readiness signed a new contract as Manager of Arsenal. In doing so, 2016-2017 could be the last season he was in the Emirates.

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Referring to a previous agreement, Wenger service lasted until June 30, 2017. A French man it would age 67 years when his contract expires.

2016-2017, Last Season Arsene Wenger?

There are rumors circulating that Stan Kroenke as the owner of a majority stake has been handed a two-year renewal bid for Wenger. However, the news was denied byWenger.

"The News is really wrong and is simply engineered," said Wenger at a news conference, Friday (13/5/2016).

"I will wait until the last moment. That is, there are no talks with the club until next season, "said Wenger.

Although the future is not yet assured, Wenger promised to exert its totality for TheGunners, a nickname for Arsenal. He also ignores the demands of supporters to lethim withdraw.

Protest supporters backed by the failure of Arsenal to compete in the Premier League title play-off 2015-2016. Since 2004, they have never tasted success in the United Kingdom's top tier competition.

"I have to forget yourself despite those who want to create any inconvenience does not want it. My attitude is also not changed despite announcing it will not update the contract on January 2017.0 "said he.

Furthermore, Arsenal will be against Aston Villa in the Premier League the last partyat the Emirates Stadium, Sunday (15/5/2016).

2016-2017, Last Season Arsene Wenger?

Manuel Pellegrini does not cast doubt on the readiness of Josep Guardiola to tackleManchester City in the summer of 2015-2016. However, Pellegrini reminded his colleagues that the competition on the United Kingdom's top tier competition getting tougher.

It is pronounced Pellegrini ahead of the League's ultimate party against Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium, Sunday (15/5/2016). It undertook to determine the Champions League zone.

Middle man City perched on the fourth position with a collection of 65 points. Theircity rivals, Manchester United, following the fifth ranked with the difference between two numbers.

According to Pellegrini, the inability of The Citizens, the nickname of Manchester City, competing in the Championship became one backed by the increased level in thePremier League.

"The first reason we didn't approach the Championship, Leicester City played very well. Secondly, we melakoni so many matches. Third, we stepped away to the semifinals of the Champions League, "said Pellegrini.

"This makes you harder to achieve four major zones. The next few seasons will also be like that, "he said.

The challenge would be lived by Barcelona as of July 1, 2016. Manchester City became the first in the United Kingdom Club coaching career Pick.

"I'm not just talking about Barcelona, but also me. There are certainly new challenges when you first undergo this League. However, Guardiola really knowing what to do, "said Pellerini.

Meanwhile, Pellegrini has yet to determine the next port. He was linked with Everton and AC Milan.

2016-2017, Last Season Arsene Wenger?

Manchester City going into Swansea City's headquarters for the last game of the season. Sergio Aguero dkk probably will face an easier opponent. The reason, Ki Sung-Yueng ascertained absence due to military duties in South Korea.

27-year-old midfielder would be in the country to train for four weeks with the team South Korea U-29. According to the rules of military tasks, the Carousel to be completed was for 18 months.

Even so, the Ki got waivers because he is a member of the bronze medal-winning Olympic team. He also designate absent in action-game pramusim.

There are concerns from clubs that subscription national team U-17 South Korea since it will not have enough time to prepare to welcome the Premier League next season.

To overcome this, the former Celtic midfielder gave Swansea the vacation time to rest.

Meanwhile, Lukasz Fabianski also designate absences due to being prepared face European Cup 2016.

"Fabianski was on vacation because it had a duty in the European Cup, while military duty because of Ki. Given the (Ki) should be on duty for four weeks, we realized the break for him is very less. We wanted him off for longer, "said Manager FrancescoGuidolin as quoted Mirror.

Guidolin will last longer in Swansea. He recently has extended the duration of the contract is for two years.