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Rafael Benitez Took two weeks to Decide the future of the

However, the players were asked to cook their pizza alone for the sake of keeping the hard work ethic that makes The famous Foxes.

Since that time, Vardy dkk so synonymous with Italy specialties.

The party was not up there.

According to news from the Daily Mail, after ensuring the Premier League champions, the Leicester back rolling out pizza dinner together in a resotran Italy.

Leicester are now entrenched at the top of the standings with 80 points, gains superior 10 digits of Tottenham Hotspur who are in second place.

There is still one game they have to much, i.e. against Chelsea on Sunday (15/5/2016).

Rafael Benitez Took two weeks to Decide the future of the

Newcastle coach, Rafael Benitez, still contemplating the option surviving in the newclubs relegated from the Premier League. He would make a decision two weeks away.

As reported by Sky Sports sites, Benitez had met with the Director of the Club, Lee Charnley, to discuss the continuity of his career with The Toon Army.

As is known, Benitez signed a three-year term in March.

In the contract there is a clause that allows the former Liverpool and Real Madrid coach to go if Newcastle go down caste to the Division Championship.

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Benitez himself have not wanted to go to the mouth of the reserved his plan in Newcastle.

"I and the Club's management will hold more meetings. However, I can say the meeting with Lee, Charnley took place is positive, "said Benitez.

The Spain coach ever prefer to prepare his team in the match entertaining Tottenham Hotspur at St. James Park, Sunday (15/5/2016).

Rafael Benitez Took two weeks to Decide the future of the

"Newcastle can only achieve more positive results in the future. However, now we have to prepare for the match Sunday and reach the best result for the Club, myself,and our supporters, "said Benitez.

Since Newcastle relegated, United Kingdom already crowded media speculated about the willingness of Benitez stayed in the Club.
The winner of the 2005 Champions League with Liverpool it's no wonder with the kasak-kusuk in the media.

"I never experienced a promotion with two different clubs in Spain, and also feel degraded, and won many trophies. I understand if a lot of people debating whether Iwill survive or not, "said Benitez.

"The most important Thing is that we should all remain calm, and try to let Newcastle could return to the Premier League as soon as possible," he continued.

The Manager of Tottenham Hotspur, Mauricio Pochettino, claims to be very happy to meet with the former Manchester United Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Pochettino and his assistant, Jesus Perez, Ferguson received an invitation at a restaurant in London, Tuesday (10/5/2016). The meeting has received the blessing of the Tottenham management.

According to Pochettino, meeting with the legend became one of the pivotal moment in his life. The reason, Ferguson is the figure of a role model for the Argentina-born man.

"It's hard for me to sleep that night because of a fantastic thing to meet with him while you're remembering everything and there he is in front of you, it's emotional," said Pochettino.

Rafael Benitez Took two weeks to Decide the future of the

Not be denied by Pochettino, the meeting could trigger the transfer speculation. However, he did not disregard it, including when there is paparazi perpetuates them.

For rated Pocehttino, there is nothing that needs to be kept secret. Both of them just chatting about life and football career.

"We were laughing together when talking about myself at Espanyol. My memory ofthe local media claims that States, ' Probably will become the new Ferguson Pochettino ', "said Pochettino.

"I also learned a lot. Every word and sentence from him being a valuable lesson, "said 44-year-old man was.

Pochettino any continuing relationship with invited Ferguson to pay a visit to the headquarters of Tottenham. Ferguson has claimed the invitation mengiyakan.

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal reacted, not belies that his team failed to meet expectations at Premier League 2015-2016.

The Red Devils, nickname of Man United, expected to penetrate the zone of the big three on the United Kingdom's top tier competition. In doing so, they are entitled toperform in the group phase of the Champions League next season.

The ASA ascertained sirna because when the competition leaving only one weekend, Manchester United, coincidentally five numbers with Arsenal as the occupant of the third stage.

Manchester United's best chance just snatch fourth place. There is a difference between two numbers with their city rivals, Manchester City.

"I was not in the expected level because we are supposed to penetrate the third Premier League position," said Van Gaal reacted.

"We could not reach it. Because, we just ended the season in fourth place when Man City win and lose. After that, we had to undergo the match to get away to the Champions League, "he said.