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Cristiano Ronaldo calls the Biggest Dreams when still children

"Being a football player and successful in the world of football," said Ronaldo after being voted as the best players of Europe 2015-2016, Thursday (25/8/2016).

Ronaldo finally has the right to bring home the trophy after getting the most votes in the voting conducted by 55 European sports journalists.

The 31-year-old Portugal captain surpassed Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) and AntoineGriezmann (Atletico Madrid).

Ronaldo ever say thank you to all who have chosen him. " This award is a great honor. Thanks for all the journalists who have selected me, "said Ronaldo.

Ronaldo was indeed performed so brilliantly in the 2015-2016 season.

Cristiano Ronaldo calls the Biggest Dreams when still children

He was delivering Real Madrid won the Champions League and sit on the top scorerlist with a collection of 16 goals. After that, Ronaldo offered the title European Cup2016 for Portugal. In performance, the player beralias CR7 is capable of putting three goals and three assists.

Despite being the best on the continent, Ronaldo still appreciates the important role of his colleagues.

"My teammate is the key to success. I have always worked hard, but without the help of all of them will not be possible to become a reality, "said Ronaldo.

"Thank you to my colleagues in the Real Madrid and Portugal," he said again.

Now, Ronaldo will try to defend the trophy The Big Ear along with Real Madrid. LosBlancos are in Group F alongside Borussia Dortmund, Sporting CP, and Legia Warsaw. when there are 3 parties were investigated, which will group C they inhabited Barcelona, Manchester City, Borussia Moechengladbach, and Celtic.

New coach Josep Guardiola, City, would return to the club that raised him, Barcelona. The Spain coach was raised as a player and a coach along with Barca.

As a coach, Pep handle El Barca in 2008-2012, and offered 15 titles including two Champions League titles. He then migrated to Bayern Munich for three seasons, before joining City at the start of this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo calls the Biggest Dreams when still children

In the City, a new goalkeeper Claudio Bravo directly met the former. For Like Instagram Gratis the past 2 seasons at Camp Nou, tasted the success Bravo 8 titles and become the main goalkeeper for troops Luis Enrique.

Not only in the City, the meeting between Barcelona and Moechengladbach be moments for goalkeeper El Barca, Marc-Andre ter Stegen. The Germany goalkeeper is its founders came Moechengladbach player before joining Barca on May 19, 2014.

Group F will also be tinged reunion. Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo, were to return to his first professional Club. It is inseparable from the real group F Real Madridis making segrup with Sporting CP. Portugal is the origin of the Club place Ronaldostudied football.

Shared Prize for Sporting, Ronaldo joined the big club Manchester United in 2003. Six seasons along the Red Devil, Ronaldo strengthen Madrid until recently.

Then how about action reunite?

Sevilla and Juventus as berjodoh after both were segrup on last season. At that time, Sevilla failed to the round of 16 after a group D ranked third.

This season, the two teams are in Group H alongside segrup Lyon and Dynamo Zagreb.

In addition to these two teams, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid also berjodoh in Group d. both teams met in the semi-finals in last season. At that time, Atletico got rid of Bavaria Following the full lottery results.