Kamis, 19 Januari 2017

Naples terms So the first Club to qualify for the round of 16

Group B contestants have already started doing the hitung-hitungan despite new competition rolling out two games.

This is because a Napoli have collected 6 points atop the standings. They excelled far above the three rivals, Besiktas (2 numbers), Kyiv (1), as well as Benfica (1).

Azzurri (blue), the nickname of Naples, through two games prime with victory overKyiv 2-1 and 4-2. Benfica because of a temporary arrangement which ruled Naples,they could realize a dream scenario in the third matchday, Wednesday or Thursdayearly today.

The count, Napoli would pack the 9 points if it is capable of bending Besiktas. They also have to hope the duel opponents Benfica in Kyiv Ukraine ended without victoryaka share one digit only.

If that situation occurs, a capital of 9 points of Naples will put them at a minimum inthe second stage, which is the limit of the quota last fall to the level of breakouts.

Naples terms So the first Club to qualify for the round of 16

Benfica, Kyiv, and Besiktas would equally have the capital just 2 points. If any one of them who was able to buy up winning streak and Napoli have always lost the 3 remaining party, Azzurri will only minimal tergeser to the runner-up.

When this scenario occurs, Naples will be recorded as the first Club in Champions League history who were able to qualify for the knock-out stage after just 3 party through the group phase!

"In fact, the Champions League for us has been a source of motivation that is larger than the League of Italy. We await the team is showing a great performance againstBesiktas, "said coach Naples, Maurizio Sarri, in press conference pralaga. The 2014-2015 season, ' is in fact already find their "the Ear". Barcelona gave him the title of La Liga and the Copa del Rey when it.

Achievement was not thus make His satisfaction. He still pursued a similar trophy in2016-2017.

"I have won the trophy more soon possible. You certainly don't think that goal is already achieved even though it has won one title, "said Taiwo. Passion for his willingness also taste minder of a number of senior figures in Barcelona. Players such as Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta have already collected more than a Champions Leaguetitle.

"I also want to leave a trace in Barcelona and will strive to achieve," said Xavi.

Naples terms So the first Club to qualify for the round of 16

For the event of the Champions League, Barcelona against Manchester City on the party of the group phase at Camp Nou stadium, Wednesday (19/10/2016). Barcelonaand Messi never tasted huge success in Barcelona during the period 2008-2012. At that time, they are able to offer 14 titles, both domestic and international levels.

Now, the two would face each other in the party Champions League between Manchester City and Barcelona, which took place on Wednesday (19/10/2016) or Thursday early morning GMT.

Ahead of the game, Guardiola admitted to never attempt to approach a former asuhnya in Barcelona after Manchester City coach so official, including Messi.
However, there is still the possibility of assessing the Barcelona for Messi to sample the new competition in football career. " I do not call Leo Messi. Because, my biggest desire is Real Madrid ended his career there (Barcelona). This is the best place for him, "said Guardiola as Sky Sports, Wednesday (19/10/2016).

"But one day, he could have just decided to play elsewhere. Maybe because Real Madrid wanted his son to learn the language of the United Kingdom, or because he wants to try new experiences. It is a possibility, "said he.

Naples terms So the first Club to qualify for the round of 16

However, Guardiola returned confirmed that Real Madrid wanted to see himself hanging shoes in Barcelona, a club which already are Avenged that Argentina players since young.

"If one day she decided to do it (move from Barcelona), I hope it does not happen.However, if it happened, would there be four to five clubs who wanted to recruit her, "said Guardiola.

"Who decided it? Of course, just not me. If I wanted to recruit her, all depending on the decision, "he said.

Messi has just recovered from a knee injury and was back playing time of Barcelona's 4-0 win over Deportivo La Coruna, Saturday (15/10/1999). In that game, Messi appeared as a substitute and scored one goal, can afford.

The 29-year-a player believed to be will be the mainstay of the Barcelona defense lines to tear Real Madrid's team.