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Chelsea Reception Make Ranieri Amazed

Thus, the Ings just devouring 6 party in Premier League 2015-2016 decorated note 2 goals. Although relatively short, man United Kingdom it already feels at home playing with the costume of The Reds.

"Supporters of this wonderful Club. The song they make my skin crawl occipital feathers. I realise that this is indeed as Liverpool, "said Ings.

Relief also articulated Klopp. The boss got a thank you from Ings due to still give him confidence in difficult times.

"Menyenangan can give him the opportunity to appear today. We didn't think his presence changed the way this match, but rather to give a good guy it's something after he recovers, "said Klopp.

Leicester City Manager, Claudio Ranieri, claims to be honored with a welcome Chelsea supporters at Stamford Bridge, on Sunday (15/5/2016).

Chelsea Reception Make Ranieri Amazed

Ranieri and his visit to Chelsea in order to match the last Premier League 2015-2016. The game ended 1-draw.

While Leicester arrived at the stadium, the supporters of Chelsea directly give a warm welcome. They appreciated the success of Ranieri and Leicester to win the Premier League this season.

For Ranieri, obviously welcome it feels special and emotional. Moreover, Ranieri ever menukangi Chelsea in the period 2000-2004.

"This is so fantastic and a good atmosphere. I would like to thank our supporters and Chelsea. It's amazing, "said Ranieri was quoted as saying from Sky Sports.

In that game, Leicester had lagged earlier penalty execution through Cesc Fabregason 66 minutes.

Then, eight minutes ahead of the end of the game, the goal of Daniel Drinkwater offset State.

"This is a good match. Both teams have a chance of gold, and the players have done their job properly, "said Ranieri.

Thanks to his kepelatihannya on the season, Ranieri also received appreciation in the form of awards Bearzot Enzo.

The awards were held in honor of Enzo Bearzot's figures, which give a first World Cup trophy to Italy in 1982.

Ranieri is still bound to a contract with Leicester until 30 June 2018. 64 year old manthat had to retire together berikrar Leicester.

Chelsea Reception Make Ranieri Amazed

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, claimed to not satisfied his team finish in second place. However, according to him, 18 other teams will definitely feel lucky if it couldfinish in that position.

Arsenal could end the season behind Leicester City after a 4-0 win over Aston Villa at the Emirates Stadium in the ultimate game, Sunday (15/5/2016).

The victory of whopping Tottemham Hotspur plus it at home to Newcastle Unitedmade The Gunners, a nickname for Arsenal, rises to second place

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Arsenal gathered 71 points from 38 matches. One of their superior numbers over his rival from Tottenham, North London, and at odds 10 digits from the champions, Leicester City.

"We are not happy to finish in second place because the target of the team is the champion. However, 18 other teams that finished below us will surely be glad in being in a position like us, "said Wenger after the match as reported by the official website of the Club.

"We want to finish in the first stage. However, it could collect more than 70 points is not easy, "said Manager France origin it.

Victory at the ultimate action while the defeat of the rival makes Arsenal back aboveTottenham finish. The last time the club called The Spurs that finish above Arsenal took place in 1994-1995 or before the era of Wenger.

"It's been the last few years, (Spurs) apparently will finish above Arsenal," said Wenger when asked a question of berseloroh a trip to Tottenham this season are almostalways above Arsenal.

"We are not targeting the finish on top of Tottenham at the start of the season. We want to win the League. However, we were undergoing a number of bad periods, especially at away matches. However, other clubs also experienced similar difficulties, "said the manager who had were pushed back by a number of supporters.

Wenger had again gotten criticism while circling the field to reciprocate the supportfrom other continents. However, once againhe does not disregard it.

"I am ready to accept criticism. It has been proven over a 20-year career in this Club, "said Wenger.

"My Target is to make everyone happy. However, I cannot always do it, "he said.

Wenger coached Arsenal since September 1996. However, since 2003-2004, he has not managed to offer the Premier League trophy for The Gunners.