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The massive exodus of Arsenal?

If the possibility of shifting in chairs coach Arsenal still hard touched, in contrast to the shift on the formation of the players. After 2015-16 season, predicted a massiveexodus occur from Emirates Stadium.

Author: Rinaldi?

Third position standings earned Arsenal in the summer of 2015-16 being the main reason. In fact, the position is not a bad achievement. However, Arsenal disebutsebuthave great opportunities in this season to become a champion, more than just remain in third position in the standings.

On this season's traditional rivals such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City FC, appear inconsistent. Of all the great team Arsenal that looks more stable.

However, when wide open chances, Arsenal then as if dragged by appearing were strongly inconsistent waves.

Plus the failure in getting star players during the transfer of the two in the middle ofthe season, finally a chance to seize the title lost disabet Leicester City.

The massive exodus of Arsenal?

Supposedly, Manager Arsene Wenger who became the figure most responsible for this condition. In fact, the Arsenal supporters had already been shouted though not less also defended France origin managers who already work at Arsenal since 1996.

At the end of April, the Emirates Stadium had filled with posters asking Wenger to go.

From statements like "enough is enough, Wenger Go" until the software: "thank youArsene to memories, but now it's time to say goodbye".

However, signs of a shift in the seat coaches have not been felt. They are more precisely on the formation of the players.

Senior players like Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta, and Mathieu Flamini have entered in a list of players who will be cleaned from Arsenal.

Age factor makes Rosicky and Flamini being completed. Arteta, who purchased the Arsenal from Everton in the summer of 2011, more struggling with injuries since being appointed captain of the Arsenal in 2014 after Thomas Vermaelen moved to Barcelona.

However, that is quite shocking is the possibility of an exodus will also hit the players who still are in the golden age and was an icon of the Club. Call it a striker Theo Walcott, left winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Defender Kieran Gibbs, playmaker Mesut Oezil to.

The massive exodus of Arsenal?

Matter of Walcott, even some football lovers of the United Kingdom suggested thathe immediately lift a leg of Arsenal so that his career can thrive. The one that suggested it was the United Kingdom's legend, Ray Wilkins.

Walcott until now been defending Arsenal for 10 years. Although the faithful with The Gunners, a 27-year-old player's career was unable to flourish and failing to become a regular player under Wenger, even though factors also contributing to injury.

The fate of the unfortunate Walcott pull compassion from Wilkins. He suggested at the Southampton player ex that soon leave Arsenal and join the other clubs that could provide an opportunity to develop his career.

"Theo has decreased performance in the last two years because it could not get enough play rations at Arsenal at the moment," said Wilkins.

Meanwhile, Oxlade-Chamberlain is one of the most expensive teenage Arsenal. However, the 22-year-old player is thus had difficulty penetrating the main team Arsenal. Wenger often mentions the Ox has a future in the midfield.

However, he faced tough competition with Francis Coquelin, Mohamed Elneny, Santi Cazorla, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and.

Gibbs, who has competed as much as 11 times along with Arsenal in all competitions this season, have got certainty would be sold. During this time, Gibbs compete with Nacho Monreal.

The massive exodus of Arsenal?

Other players, Oezil, rumored ready to shake the stock transfer next season. He called will join rivals The Gunners in the Premier League scene, namely Manchester United. However, this surprise will occur if the Red Devils coached by Jose Mourinho.

As is known, Oezil does have a good relationship with Mourinho. Both of them never undergo special seasons while still with Real Madrid.

Later, Mourinho reportedly is getting closer to the position of Like instagram coach.

Throughout this season, Oezil perform with capable of providing 18 assists for players up front throughout this season, the most numerous compare another striker.

Oezil was bought from Arsenal Madrid in September 2013 worth 50 million euros.