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Releasing the shadow of Barcelona in Barcelona

No specifics are indeed. Luis Enrique came at a period of Bobby Robson, after Cruyff are no longer in Camp Nou. However, the legacy of the game Netherlands that maestro ingrained in Barcelona.

Not only are they, as well as other players in the list of last switch professions to the world of coaching.

In addition to Popescu, everything is still active or has ever become coach. For example, Abelardo brought Sporting Gijon promotion to La Liga two years ago and survives to this day.

Still, two people with the most brilliant career is Barcelona and Enrique. They are friends since is still playing, being part of the Quartet along with Sergi and Abelardo.

"I started taking coaching courses at age 27 or 28 years old. Not because of the ambitious, but create case keep only, "said Abelardo.

"There is nothing special. But, the only one that looks obvious standout Champions.Time is still playing, he studied the video carefully and very interested in the question of technique and tactics, "he said again.

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Releasing the shadow of Barcelona in Barcelona

Guardiola acknowledged outstanding. Most notably, but not only. Perhaps the passion play since Barcelona already there, to the sidelines. So did his friend, LuisEnrique. Many who acknowledge the ambition of Enrique is just as smoldering.

"Enrique is very unique, one of the players who are most interested in the mechanics of the game. He spent much time studying the engineering report on the match,"said Stoichkov.

Now, Pep and Enrique face to face again. Not as a friend, but rather the opposite. Neither the first, because the two never meets when Pep is still coached Bayern Munich.

At that time, Enrique was still in the shadow of Barcelona. The greatness of the methodology and philosophy of Barca Guardiola era is still and will always be a comparison made his successors, including Enrique.

However, now the Enrique anyway can puff up your chest. Barca greatest throughout history, the period 2008-2012 in the era of Champions, had a competitor with Enrique as nakhodanya.

Releasing the shadow of Barcelona in Barcelona

Both in terms of game or reality series trophies, team Barca era Enrique altogether not less. His first two seasons, they were both collecting seven titles: treble in Prime Edition and four NBA titles in the next season.

Statistically, Barca's Enrique even more fabulous when the party guideline 100 Primein all event and two seasons both overall.

Indeed, logically, it doesn't make sense to compare the two architects of the Past ina different era.

But, inevitably, whoever the next coach Barca will always dikomparasikan with a team of Champions.

For now, her son Enrique and arguably already escape the shadow of Champions 1.History.

In the Champions League, Barcelona and Manchester City have already met four times. Barca have always won.

At the Camp Nou Barcelona WINS 2-1 (2013-2014) through a goal Lionel Messi and Dani Alves and 1-0 (2014-2015) through the goals of Ivan Rakitic.

In addition, Pep Guardiola got ugly notes back to the Camp Nou as opponents. Along with Bayern Munich in the Champions League semifinals by 2014-2015, his teamlost 0-3.

2 record.

Barcelona always wins in 12 of the last party of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) at Camp Nou.

The last victim of Barca is a Celtic defeated Andres Iniesta et al by a score of 7-0.

Since the subject of the 0-3 Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the UCL on May 1,2013, Barcelona recorded results 16 times and win once in party series cage LeagueChampion.

Releasing the shadow of Barcelona in Barcelona

3. Sharp.

Barcelona scored 36 goals from 11 party official. Till before October 14, in three acclaimed as lagaGuardiola (1990-2001) and coach (2008-2012) in Barcelona before working for Manchester City.

The world of professional football demanded Pep menepikan a moment the side ofnostalgia and emotion against his old Club.

The Spain men's already been through this when FC Bayern München for directing.PEP was cast as the enemy of Barca in the Champions League on two occasions, 2014-2015.

His record was recorded one victory and once lost. A break-even situation on paper,but the effect is worse for Barcelona because stopping his team to the Championship. At that time, FC Bayern and Barcelona suffered a clash in the semi-finals.

In the first game at Camp Nou, El Barca won 3-0 away thanks to a Lionel Messi and one dwigol nicks ' on the last quarter.

Because the task of overcoming a heavy deficit, FC Bayern bak confronted on a mission almost impossible on the second leg. Guardiola and his best attacking Barcelona, but only produce a 3-2 victory in Munich. The result was not enough for the Pep.

Barca was the one who has the right to qualify for the final and complete the competition as a half-hour after hit Juventus 3-1 at the Olympiastadion, Berlin.

How to Pick a reunion with Barcelona this season as Manchester City architects?