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Barcelona Vs Man City, Welcomed The Peletak Foundation Stone

Call it Claudio Bravo, former Barcelona goalie who is now the first choice in the City.

There is also the Sports Director Txiki Begiristain, City, who served in the same position in Barcelona between 2003-2010. As a player, Begiristain also brings Barca won the Champions Cup in 1992.

Then Nolito. Winger City was once in Barcelona B or main team Barcelona. Assistant Coach City, Mikel Arteta, also started his career in the Football Academy of Barca.

Instead, Denis young midfielder Suarez, Barca, got educated in the Academy City. Don't miss former colleague seklub, Luis Suarez-Raheem Sterling and Ivan Rakitic-Jesus Navas.

But, of course there is no more reunion than a colossal encounter coach Pep Guardiola City, with former his men in Barcelona. Guardiola coached Barcelona in 2008-2012.

Barcelona Vs Man City, Welcomed The Peletak Foundation Stone

Previously as a player, Guardiola also strengthen Barcelona between 1990-2001. He brought the Blaugrana won the Champions Cup for the first time in 1992.

Guardiola is the man who arguably laid the foundation stone for the dominance ofBarcelona in European football at the beginning of the new millennium.

He's doing more important things than the previous Barca coach Frank Rijkaard, who has also won the 2005/06 UEFA Champions League.

In 2008/09, Barcelona's Gerard Pique brought home, its founders came to La MasiaAcademy that "lost" at Manchester United.

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Dani Alves was bought from Seville with a price of 35 million euros, making it the most expensive recruitment of Barca. Then Sergio Busquets was promoted from FC Barcelona B.

Three players that went on to become the backbone of the Barcelona squad that won the UEFA Champions League 2008-09, 2010/11 and 2014/15. Except for Alves, they are still a mainstay of the team.

Barcelona Vs Man City, Welcomed The Peletak Foundation Stone

Don't forget to style main Barcelona for trained Champions. Tiki-taka is so thick was applied and resulted in great results.

Style Pick up the reference of world football over the years. All the teams want to be like Barcelona.

Lionel Messi

The brilliance of Barca since 2008/09 super appearance marked from Lionel Messi. The origin of this Argentina striker's relationship with Barcelona was not always smooth.

But, it must be admitted that Barcelona formed the Madrid so it can as of now.

In 2008/09, Barcelona's Ronaldinho, Deco and throw two "barrier" the career of Real Madrid with respect to the position and character of their game.

After the departure of Deco and Ronaldinho, Messi was given the number 10 costumes and get paid 7.8 million euro per year, the highest salary on the Club.

Previously, there was concern that often muscle injury against experienced Champions League clash between 2006-2008. The regime of Nigerian striker who then implement methods of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle. A private physiotherapist also accompany Messi.

Barcelona Vs Man City, Welcomed The Peletak Foundation Stone

The practical effect, as Messi is free from injury for several years afterwards and he was able to achieve peak potential. Note that the Madrid shows the development goals.

Before Barcelona dealt, Messi could never penetrate the news 20 goals in one season. In 2008/09, Manchester United are capable of scoring 38 goals in all and after that event collection golnya in one season is never lower than 40.

Barcelona grabbed 14 trophies during a four-year deal with Barcelona. He is the most successful club coach in terms of victories from Cup. Body will always get a special place in Barcelona, even as she comes as public enemy's Camp Nou.
Isn't it. Not about the victory of thin 6-5 on aggregate Barcelona over Atletico, but rather to the legacy of triumph. Leg II Spain Super Cup 1996 mentas at Vicente Calderon.

Barca then-Starter: Julen Lopetegui; Albert Ferrer, Laurent Blanc, Abelardo Fernandez, Gheorghe Popescu; Sergi Barjuan, Josep Guardiola, Guillermo Amor, Luis Enrique;Hristo Stoichkov, Juan Antonio Pizzi.

Yes, even up to this point, the names are still very often sounds in the ear.

Not just when talk legend, also because they are indeed still active. Of course not in the field, but rather stand gave instructions from the edge.

The four most prominent current name: Lopetegui, Blanc, Barcelona, and Enrique.

How not, all four had or still mengarsiteki European top team even State classmates.

Lopetegui Spain national team boss now. Blanc once for directing the national team of France and Paris Saint-Germain. Guardiola is bathed in the Championship with Barcelona for directing and now Manchester City.

Enrique? He was wandering to Celta Vigo and AS Roma, but tremendous success together Blaugrana.

This special four-figure was educated at the Cathedral of Barcelona: the era of Johan Cruyff.