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Suspicious objects in Old Trafford turned out to be a mock Bomb

The mystery of suspicious objects that make the Manchester United game against Bournemouth, on Sunday (15/5/2016), cancelled began to find bright spots. The website of the Daily Mail claims, suspicious objects found in the stadium was a mock bomb.

The mock bomb was found in the toilet of Old Trafford. Allegedly, they were left behind after the local authorities conducting anti-terror simulation.

Information from the official Twitter account of Man United's mention, in the form of a mobile phone that incurred the cables already secured by the apparatus.

The match Man United and Bournemouth any ascertained will be held on Tuesday(17/5/2016).

The discovery of these objects had cause panic shortly before the match started. The audience was asked to leave the area of the stadium, while police officers and bloodhounds combed the area.

Suspicious objects in Old Trafford turned out to be a mock Bomb

Initially, organizers of the match just delaying the game for 45 minutes.

However, after 45 minutes ended they announced that the match null and void because the local authorities have to do a detailed examination at the stadium capacity 76,000 person.

In addition to police officers and bloodhounds, one unit of bomb experts were alsorelegated to the location.

A mock bomb troubled had secured the apparatus. They concluded the objects were not potentially cause explosion.

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The hearts Manager Rafael Benitez says to stay at Newcastle United next season. However, he needed an assurance of clubs with aka The Magpies were associated ambitions back promotion to the Premier League.

Newcastle ensured relegated to the Championship next season after it finished only18th in the standings and packaging of 37 points.

On the last weekend of the Premier League, Newcastle closed the season with a disastrous 5-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur, the team that finished as the third stage in Saint James ' Park Sunday (15/5/2016).

Suspicious objects in Old Trafford turned out to be a mock Bomb

Benitez tied to a three-year contract at Newcastle. However, the contract comes the release clause if Newcastle are relegated.

"Clearly my heart said this is an opportunity and the atmosphere of the Club is so fantastic, everything is so good. However, at the same time, you must use the mind, both have to be aligned, "said Benitez as reported by Sky Sports.

"I am quite open and happy with everything. Now just need to be sure we do whatneeds to be done to return the promotion if I decided stay here, "he said.

Ambition is Benitez is unhampered shopping players to strengthen the team competes in the Division Championship. For him, by having a strong team can become the guarantee Newcastle back promotion to the Premier League next season.

The former coach of Liverpool, ChelseaReal Madrid and Naples, said last season that this action be so emotional. He was also impressed with the Newcastle fans that continue to provide support as long as the face of hard times.

"Yes, this is an emotional day. While there is a lot of support behind you and see how good players are performing, as well as all the people sing, it's very emotional, "he said.

Suspicious objects in Old Trafford turned out to be a mock Bomb

"I know this will be like before and now we have to wait, start talking, and see whatwe will do for the future," he said.

The match between Manchester United and Bournemouth will be played on Tuesday (17/5/2016). This schedule changes caused the postponement of a match last weekend between the two are set to be held on Sunday (15/5/2016).

Last week the Premier League game between Manchester United and A.F.C. Bournemouth at Old Trafford Stadium, Sunday (15/5/2016), was canceled due to security issues.

Supposedly, the action starts at 3 pm local time, or 9 pm. However, the police found a suspicious package at the tribune part of the North and West.

The match was postponed. Through its official statement, the Premier League as thehighest caste won the competition organisers to schedule re Manchester United vsBournemouth be Tuesday (17/5/2016) at 20:00 or Monday 03.00.

"We confirm that delay action between Manchester United and Bournemouth will be played on Tuesday, may 17th, at 8:00 pm night."

Premier League sides are also grateful to the staff of Manchester United, police, andother officials who have helped this evacuation in Old Trafford Stadium.