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Tottenham Languish Without The Two Pillars Of This

United Kingdom officially announced the 26 players in the squad while the list ahead of the 2016 European Championship which will take place in France in June-July.

The list was announced Manager Roy Hodgson, Monday (16/5/2016) midday local time. See the existing arrangement, appeared several important points are highlighted media.

The first thing was a surprise calling a young Manchester United striker, Marcus Rashford. 18 year old youth that count Hodgson though melakoni new season debut inthe senior team.

However, if the benchmark performance so size, inclusion in the list while Rashfordnot startle. This is because a positive contribution the player along the 2015-2016.

Rashford scored 7 goals in 16 matches in various races of this season. The emergence of Rashford was also supported by the absence of Danny Welbeck due to injury.

"The injury to Danny ruin our plans. Marcus is one of the contenders for the final squad. Competition in the front-line was very tight and it will be interesting to see what she could do, "said Hodgson in the Telegraph.

Tottenham Languish Without The Two Pillars Of This

In addition to the emergence of Theo Walcott Rashford, the absence of (Arsenal) in the list of 26 players into points highlighted.

Hodgson also discussed because calling quarterback upholstery Manchester City's injury-prone, Fabian Delph, and Andros Townsend, who defended the Club relegated from the Premier League this season, Newcastle United.

Through his Twitter account, Walcott expressed disappointment, but still respect thedecision Hodgson.

Order of 26 players who published Hodgson this will be trimmed to 23 people to be included in the final squad to the 2016 European Championship.

Remaining time 1-2 weeks for the Manager to evaluate three ' victims ' that will be crossed out. The deadline for submission of the final squad list is on May 31.

Tottenham Hotspur languish with 1-5 defeat at home to Newcastle on Sunday(15/5/2016). The Spurs were back performing poorly without a pillar of their midfield duo, delegation of Alli and Moussa Dembele.

Without the two pillars of the Newcastle midfield, who's been relegated to overwhelm the sector.

Spurs 89 percent complete or at St James ' Park including 82 percent of the time in the final third of the field.

However, the balls they complete only low quality ball.

"The flow of the ball until it stops in the middle of Spurs, they then tried to bait-baitbreakthrough that could not get to the attackers," said one of pandit in the glass screen of national television and fan of Spurs, Benhard Sitorus.

Tottenham Languish Without The Two Pillars Of This

Attendance Dembele and Alli became one of the main causes.

This is the 12th time the EPL in 2015-2016, the Spurs appear without Dembele or Alli.

According to statistics from the BBC, 12 of those matches, the Spurs only 33 percent record number of victories in relation to 57.7 per cent if both appear.

Laga where Alli absent and Spurs failed to win was the party cons Stoke (2-2), Chelsea (0-0 and 2-2), Southampton (1-2) and Newcastle.

Meanwhile, Dembele could not play against Newcastle at White Hart Lane (1-2), Everton (1-1), West Ham (0-1), Southampton (1-2) and Newcastle.

Tottenham Hotspur striker, Harry Kane (22 years), won the Golden Shoe award Premier League season 2015-2016 after becoming top scorer with 25 goals in nicks.

Kane aren't scored a landslide defeat when Tottenham 1-5 at the ultimate party against Newcastle United in Saint James Park Sunday (15/5/2016).

That failure could not stop Kane won the title top scorer.

Tottenham Languish Without The Two Pillars Of This

This season the peak list ranked Kane scorer.

A collection of 25 golnya beat two main competitors, Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) and Leicester City striker, Jamie Vardy. Both are equally close the season with a collection of 24 goals.

The mainstay of Everton, Romelu Refusing, ranks fourth with a collection of 18 goals.

The sharp Leicester winger, Riyad Mahrez entered the ranks of the top five vendorswith 17 goals.

Kane was the first United Kingdom original cast won the Golden Shoe award in the last 16 years.

The last time the United Kingdom origin players became top scorer of the season occurred in 1999-2000 by Kevin Phillips scored 30 touchdowns while uniformed Sunderland.

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In addition, Kane is also talking about 1-5 humiliating defeat of Newcastle, the team that relegated the season notabenenya this tool. He represented his colleagues apologized to fans loyal to Tottenham over the defeat.

"This defeat left a bitter taste. Bad performance. We apologize to the fans, "said Kane.

Kane sure humiliating defeat of Newcastle into evidence Tottenham still have to continue to learn and develop.

What's the next season the team called The Lilywhites will play in the Champions League stage. However, Kane brings ambitions face next season.

"We will perform in the Champions League. We have to keep thinking positive andproud. We will start next season with great ambition, "he said.