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Action Man United Vs Bournemouth Official Cancelled

Manchester City only played 1-draw on a trip to the headquarters of old Swansea City, in the last weekend of Premier League action 2015-2016, at Liberty Stadium, Sunday (15/5/2016).

Manuel Pellegrini's team does not take a long time to open. New match goes five minutes, Kelechi Iheanacho success brings Manchester City excelled.

However, ahead of the end of the first half, Swansea managed to equalize throughAndre Ayew. Free kick strikes the body of Fernando Ayew and change direction the ball into goalkeeper Joe Hart.

Rivals Manchester City in a scramble for tickets for the Champions League qualification, namely Manchester United, not live action.

The match between Manchester United and A.F.C. Bournemouth were forced to canceled after the discovery of a suspicious package at the Old Trafford Stadium.

Action Man United Vs Bournemouth Official Cancelled

Everyone, including the players of Manchester United, and officials evacuated the police outside the stadium for security reasons.

Today, Manchester City still occupied the fourth position with the acquisition of 66points. They are linked to three points with Manchester United in the seventh.

Mathematically, Manchester United could still snatch fourth place from Manchester City.
However, it is very difficult to be realized because the two teams linked a very distant goal difference, namely the 18 goals.

Arsenal climbed to 2nd position

Elections caused arsenal 4-0 victory over a team of gatekeeper, Aston Villa, at the Emirates Stadium. Four goals the hosts squad Arsene Wenger was printed by OlivierGiroud in the 5th minute and 79, and 80 and suicide, Mark Bunn in the late game.

Any arsenal reserves rise to 2nd position due to the elections caused Tottenham Hotspur 1-5 defeat of Newcastle United.

In other matches, Chelsea being held 1-draw by champions of the Premier Leaguethis season, Leicester City, at Stamford Bridge.

Action Man United Vs Bournemouth Official Cancelled

Goals scored through Cesc Fabregas Chelsea ekseskusi penalty on 66 minutes, whileLeicester equate score late goals to Daniel Drinkwater (82 ').

Meanwhile, Liverpool drew 1-1 by West Bromwich at The Hawthorns Stadium.

West Bromine superior first passing touchdown Salomon Rondon (13 minutes). Liverpool responded through Jordon Ibe at the 23rd minute.

A suspicious package found police at Old Trafford Stadium, on Sunday (15/5/2016), making a match between Manchester United and AFC Bournemouth was cancelled.

About 15 minutes ahead of kick-off match, the spectators and the players who are doing the warm-up on the ground were evacuated to the outside of the stadium.

Up to now, there has been no clarity about the contents of the suspicious package.Local police are still doing the investigation findings were related.

One of the spectators present at the action turned out to be Reza, a graduate who attended the last cage match of the Red Devils this season.

"Last around 2.45 BST there were announcements ' code red ' for the evacuation. There was a suspicious package in the North West Quadrant, at 3.10 am BST. Match officially cancelled, "the sound of a Twitter account @rezaTL addressed to the CHAMPION.

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Action Man United Vs Bournemouth Official Cancelled

To CHAMPION, he also acknowledged that the audience out of the Old Trafford without a sense of panic.

"All out regularly, set match stewards. Bener-bener should just off from the environment of the stadium, "he writes.

Supposedly, the action starts at 3 pm local time, or 9 pm. There is no certainty as to when this game will be held.

This action still determines for Manchester United. They compete with city rivals, Manchester City, to achieve Champions League qualification tickets.

Last week the Premier League game between Manchester United and A.F.C. Bournemouth at Old Trafford Stadium, Sunday (15/5/2016), was canceled due to security issues.

Supposedly, the action starts at 3 pm local time, or 9 pm. However, the police found a suspicious package at the tribune part of the North and West.

As a result, 15 minutes ahead of kick-off, the audience had to be evacuated following a security warning from officers inside the stadium.

Not only the spectators only. The players who are doing any warm-up had to leave the field.

This action still determines for Manchester United. They compete with city rivals, Manchester City, to achieve Champions League qualification tickets.